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When: 22nd & 23rd April 2024 | Where: Sweden

LEAD (Business Incubator) – Workshop/ talk on Hiring for Start-ups


Raman Ramalingam from talentX visited us at LEAD! His talk on hiring for startups was both engaging and eye-opening for many of the companies that attended his LEAD Talk.

Some take aways to share:
✨Raman emphasized the importance of a fresh approach to hiring critical roles in startups. Gone are the days of traditional job postings on LinkedIn. Focus on what the candidate can achieve in 6 months.
✨Start by pitching your role to a select few individuals who align with your company’s vision. If successful, expand the search; if not, revisit your strategy.
✨Look for signals indicating a candidate’s readiness for change, such as organizational restructuring or lack of funding in their current company.
✨Understanding the difference between a talent trader and a talent investor persona is key. Seek those who are invested in contributing to your company’s growth, not just trading their talent for short-term gains.

We continue our quest at LEAD to find talent investors to join our startups and were thrilled to learn from Raman!

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