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Recruit like an entrepreneur

At talentX, we provide customized recruitment solutions for startups, VCs, and corporates to recruit for complex roles where traditional approaches fail.

We thrive in niches

Along with typical SaaS and marketplaces, we also work with startups and talents in areas like quantum computing, genetics, nanotech, organic electronics, material science, forestry, networking, AI and semiconductors.

Flexible Iterative Process

We work in weekly iterations where everyweek, you have the chance to not just meet talents you choose but also change the requirements as we progress.

Where Others Hesitate, We Innovate

We design recruitment processes and automation tailored to your individual recruitment needs rather than one size fits all.

How it works?


Schedule an initial call with us to align on your needs and get tailored offer.

Alternatively, you can drop us an email using our contact form for further assistance.


Sign the digital agreement and start your recruitment ideally within 48 hours

We work with fixed fee structures to give you complete transparency. So you don’t have to worry about the salaries of the candidates you hire.

find & approach talent for recruitment

Start meeting with talents that match your interest from the first week

Receive candidate feedback and salaries of your ideal candidates from the first week


Engage in weekly recruitment cycles to identify and iterate the ideal talent for your team.

Continuously refine our search, adapt criteria, and assess candidates to ensure you meet your evolving needs until you find the perfect fit.

Our Philosophy is to be Iterative and Signal-Driven

Recruiting is not about filling a role but finding an individual who is a cultural, skill and a value-add for you and your company. So we need to think beyond the job description and requirements to find our ideal candidate and hence our reliance on the weekly iterations. 

complexity vs availability

We specialize in roles of high complexity where we do not have many talents available

Recruiting for complex roles isn’t about sifting through hundreds of applications; it’s about finding the one person with the right experience and expertise for your company’s unique context—whether that be industry, niche, market focus, revenue model, or customer network. Our strength lies in identifying candidates who share multiple critical contexts with your business.


Connecting Shared Contexts: Discovering candidates of high relevance

We conduct comprehensive market research to identify companies and initiatives that share valuable contexts with yours to identify the top talents who don’t just have the skills but also the network, credibility and critical understanding of what you’re looking to create.

The signals that maximize the probability

What event can we leverage to maximize the impact?

Harnessing Real-Time Insights: Finding the top talent who is ready to make the move

Most top talents of complex roles are passive and we need to proactively harness signals to find the perfect time to approach them. Signals are any events that increases the chance of top talents to consider their next career move. These could be company acquisitions, mergers, restructuring, investment rounds, leadership change and multiple other subtle motivators that we need to capture. 

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